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Work for Yourself@50+: Funding Your Business

Posted: 03/02/2018 by | 81 Comments

Here’s what you should do before you ask for money If you already know how you want to work for yourself, there’s probably one enormous question in the front of your mind: How will I get together enough money to get started? For many people, the first answer that comes to mind is, “I’ll get […]

My Journey to Self-Employment: It’s Time to Take Action

If not now, when
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Belief in yourself will pay off. What I didn’t mention at the beginning of this journey is that there is a sixth step in this guide to self-employment and it is to take action. After we have discovered what it is we want to do and considered how we’ll handle the challenges, we can delve […]

My Journey to Self-Employment: Big Ideas

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Landing on that big idea. Greetings, fellow travelers! Returning to the issue of “Taking Action,” I have a few things to say. It’s amazing how once you decide to start down a path, the universe rushes up to meet you. I’ve talked a bit about my backstory, but I want to tell you more about […]

My Journey to Self-Employment: Work in Progress

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Keep Going. Stay on Your Path Aren’t we all just works in progress? Did I ever mention I once worked three part-time jobs? Well, I still work three part-time jobs, all while trying to build a business and maintain a running dialogue with myself about who I am and who I want to be in […]

The Adventure of Starting a Small Business: Lessons in Jumping Off the Cliff

couple holding hands
Posted: 11/07/2017 by | 753 Comments

When I was almost 50 years old, a friend and I held hands and jumped off a cliff together. No, we didn’t think we were Thelma and Louise and it wasn’t a physical cliff. But the cliff we jumped from was, metaphorically speaking, just as daunting as that cliff. Our cliff was starting a small […]

Encore Entrepreneurship: Launching a Successful Business When You’re 50 or Older

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Posted: 11/03/2017 by | 4,770 Comments

There are always those who challenge the status quo, who dare to be innovative, pride themselves on hard work, and understand the importance of perseverance and growth. These are some of the best ways to describe encore entrepreneurs. Business ownership after the age of 50 starts with an idea that seems to never go away. […]