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My Journey to Self-Employment: It’s Time to Take Action

If not now, when
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Belief in yourself will pay off. What I didn’t mention at the beginning of this journey is that there is a sixth step in this guide to self-employment and it is to take action. After we have discovered what it is we want to do and considered how we’ll handle the challenges, we can delve […]

My Journey to Self-Employment: Big Ideas

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Landing on that big idea. Greetings, fellow travelers! Returning to the issue of “Taking Action,” I have a few things to say. It’s amazing how once you decide to start down a path, the universe rushes up to meet you. I’ve talked a bit about my backstory, but I want to tell you more about […]

My Journey to Self-Employment: Work in Progress

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Keep Going. Stay on Your Path Aren’t we all just works in progress? Did I ever mention I once worked three part-time jobs? Well, I still work three part-time jobs, all while trying to build a business and maintain a running dialogue with myself about who I am and who I want to be in […]

My Journey to Self-Employment: Making Connections not Conversation

Making Connections not Conversation
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Talking to people is more than just a conversation. Here’s where the rubber meets the road. How do I find funding for my big idea? I believe in it, but how do I find the support I need to make it a reality? While going through the Work for Yourself @ 50+ Toolkit, I found […]

My Journey to Self-Employment: Find Your Focus

Michele Higgs Dec 2016
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Finding My Focus The theme of this section of the Work for Yourself@50+ Toolkit is “Find Your Focus.” We’re getting down to work now. . . . This is almost like asking yourself, “Who am I?” It is real and it is serious. The toolkit takes us through a series of exercises here to help […]

My Journey to Self-Employment: Is Self-Employment Right for Me?

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OK, let’s take a look at this “Work for Yourself@50+” Toolkit. . . . It’s going to be a quiet weekend. I may as well at least crack the spine on it. This first section, “Explore Your Options,” looks interesting. It will help me consider if self-employment is really the way I want to go. […]