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My Journey to Self-Employment: Hustle While You Wait

Posted: 01/07/2017 by | 3 Comments

If I had to revise my resume one more time, I would throw my computer out the window! Certainly after 2,342 updates, it should be right by now . . .  I had given elevator speeches to strangers I’ll never see again, examined my weaknesses, passions and goals ad nauseam and all I knew for […]

Self-Employment: Taking the First Steps on the Journey to Self-Employment

Michele Higgs
Posted: 01/05/2017 by | 1 Comment

Laid off. Laid off?? Whatever do you mean? I had never even considered the concept — until, that is, the contract I was working on came to an abrupt end. From 2004 to 2011, I had worked for a government contractor. During those years, I developed writing, presentation and training skills that I thought would […]