Self-Employment Over 50 Spells Independence

Erica Lemp
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You may think of “gaining independence” when you graduate high school or college, but have you thought about becoming more independent after 50? What would it be like to be your own boss? There are many reasons why you may want or need a career change. Maybe you’ve been laid off or need a second […]

My Journey to Self-Employment: Find Your Focus

Michele Higgs Dec 2016
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Finding My Focus The theme of this section of the Work for Yourself@50+ Toolkit is “Find Your Focus.” We’re getting down to work now. . . . This is almost like asking yourself, “Who am I?” It is real and it is serious. The toolkit takes us through a series of exercises here to help […]

My Journey to Self-Employment: Is Self-Employment Right for Me?

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OK, let’s take a look at this “Work for Yourself@50+” Toolkit. . . . It’s going to be a quiet weekend. I may as well at least crack the spine on it. This first section, “Explore Your Options,” looks interesting. It will help me consider if self-employment is really the way I want to go. […]

My Journey to Self-Employment: Hustle While You Wait

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If I had to revise my resume one more time, I would throw my computer out the window! Certainly after 2,342 updates, it should be right by now . . .  I had given elevator speeches to strangers I’ll never see again, examined my weaknesses, passions and goals ad nauseam and all I knew for […]

BACK TO WORK 50+ Gives a Helping Hand
Supplying Needed Skills Makes all the Difference for One Hard-working Woman

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Gloria Santos is used to working hard and doing whatever it takes to get by. No matter the challenge, she finds a way to thrive. Whether it was picking seasonal crops as a child after migrating from Mexico, forgoing high school to babysit eight younger siblings so her parents could work, or earning a GED […]

BACK TO WORK 50+ Promoting Job Stability
Providing one woman with the resume tools and job retraining to start a new career

Start new job note
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Providing one woman with the resume tools and job retraining to start a new career

Imagine this: You’re 47, recently divorced, and living in an empty nest in what most Americans would consider, literally, a tundra. It was this predicament that caused Alaska’s Janette Thornton to consider making a drastic move. With a background in social work and experience as a small-business owner of four national fast-food franchises, she gazed […]